Concur TripLink Admin Toolkit

Bring supplier direct bookings back into your managed travel program​

The travel industry is rapidly changing, and it’s not easy being a travel manager in a world where travelers are faced with so many choices. No matter how tightly managed your travel program is, there are always exceptions. This makes it difficult for companies to fulfill their duty of care responsibility and capture travel spend. Even companies with high compliance, and the most extensive duty of care programs and partners, are at risk of not being able to locate and support travelers who’ve booked directly with suppliers, or haven’t shared their full itinerary with their company.

Concur® TripLink brings supplier direct bookings back into your travel program through SAP Concur’s network of connected suppliers, and through TripIt Pro, a popular travel app and perk for your business travelers.

Gain visibility, apply policy and realize negotiated rates on all bookings made with TripLink connected suppliers. When your travelers use TripIt, their plans will become available in Concur Solutions, so you can gain visibility and apply policy to bookings made in multiple channels.

Getting Started with Concur TripLink

Driving User Adoption​

If you’re here, that means you’re ready to launch Concur TripLink. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about driving user adoption – a critical element in lowering costs, maximizing visibility, and elevating safety.​

To support your success, we’ll send targeted messages to your users where they are most engaged – directly in the product. These messages are tailored to your program based off your Concur TripLink admin controls. But efforts to increase adoption shouldn’t stop here.​

Leverage the resources below to continue to drive user adoption. These resources focus on the two elements of Concur TripLink that impact your users: travel partner integrations and TripIt Pro. These resources will make it simple to communicate what these tools are, what your users need to do, and why they should care.

Additional Resources