The Advanced Configuration training is for SAP Concur customers only. We can only grant unrestricted access to SAP Concur customers as they have a contract with SAP Concur. A third party that wants unrestricted access to our product needs to be a part of the Services Partner organization. Only participants who have completed the Advanced Configuration training (in its entirety) and the class requirements will be given the unrestricted permission. It will not provide unrestricted access to SAP Concur Travel; the configuration of this product remains with Concur. After attending you will only be granted access to the company who purchased the training, the access cannot be transferred to someone else when you leave the company, and you cannot take it with you as you move from employer to employer.

Your Concur system will need to be in production for at least 30 days and all attendees must be familiar with how to use the system from at least an end user experience level.

Advanced Configuration Invoice and/or Request Open Enrollment options:

  • If you would like unrestricted to Invoice and/or Request, you will be required to attend the Expense class before you can attend the Invoice and/or Request portion of the class. Invoice and/or Request is an additional cost beyond the cost of the Expense class.
    • Invoice is one day of training at a cost of $500 / €450 / £400 / $650 AUD per person.
    • Request is digital completed within 3 business days at a cost of $250 / €225 / £200 / $325 AUD per person.
  • Your company must use the Invoice and/or Request products in order to attend the training for these products.
  • The sessions with the (**) on the schedule will not include Invoice.
  • When completing the registration form, if your company has Invoice and/or Request and you want to attend training for Invoice and/or Request, please note this by checking the box on the registration form.
    • Invoice classes are always the Friday of the training week.
    • Request is a self-paced digital class.