Budget Admin Toolkit

Budget gives your budget owners and managers a holistic view into all spend managed in SAP Concur. With overviews, detailed dashboards, and notifications, Budget provides actionable insights that empower users to plan ahead as well as respond to unforeseen spend with accuracy and clarity.


The content on this page will help you promote awareness of Budget. The Budget Adoption Strategy Guide will walk you through this content and how to use it. You'll also find the link to the Concur Budget Owners and Managers page where content specifically for your budget owners and managers can be found.

Introduction - Working with Budget (Professional Edition)

This introductory course presents key terms, best practices, important points for Budget, and features available for Budget Dashboards.


Working with Budget Configuration (Professional Edition)

This course presents high-level configuration steps, guidelines, and “How-To Configure” practice opportunities.

Topic Videos Guides
Working with the Budget Dashboard
(6 min)
Activating Budget Tracking Fields
Adding Budget Items
Configuring the Filter by Manager Feature
Working with Budget Categories
Working with Budget Fiscal Calendars
Mapping Budget Tracking Fields
Working with Budget Settings
Budget Setup Guide (Shared) guide
Budget Adjustments Import (Shared) guide
Budget Item Import (Shared) guide