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If you have a complex site configuration, the basic training materials may not be enough. We build customized training materials, including demos, guides, and videos, to help get your users up and running successfully.

CUSTOM DEMOS: We adjust standard demos as needed to capture the unique elements of your Concur configuration including text changes, step re-ordering, and/or re-filming screens in your Concur interface.

CUSTOM GUIDES: To match your specific Concur configuration, we customize standard user guide content such as changing the wording, editing sections, and/or recapturing images.

OTHER MATERIALS: We create a variety of custom training materials (PowerPoint presentations, FAQs, graphics, etc.) to meet your users’ learning needs.


To meet the needs of a global workforce, Concur’s training materials are localized for end users and administrators throughout Europe, South America, and Asia. Our training materials include localized guides and videos to help our customers around the world successfully learn how to use Concur Travel and Expense.

LOCALIZED GUIDES: Provide your global users with localized comprehensive content to help them learn how to book travel and create and submit expense reports.

LOCALIZED VIDEOS: Supplement localized guides with localized eLearning training content that visually demonstrates how to use Concur Travel and Expense.