United Airlines

Get set up for success with United Airlines

Concur® TripLink Initial Set Up

1. Update your Concur TripLink Discount Code*

*If you do not have negotiated rates with United, skip to STEP TWO.

2. Update your travel policy for Concur TripLink bookings:

Apply Concur Travel policy notifications to bookings made directly on United.com or mobile app by travelers who have linked their Concur and United MileagePlus accounts. Please refer to the Configuration section of the TripLink User Guide to learn more.

Notify Your Travelers

Travelers need to be “connected” so their bookings sync with SAP Concur solutions and they get negotiated rates on United.com and the United Mobile App. Travel Administrators can use the TripLink Admin Controls to set messaging preferences that help travelers know how to connect to travel integrated partners. To get connected, a traveler enters their UnitedMileage Plus number into their Concur Travel Profile and enrolls in Travel Partner Integrations. Travelers will receive a confirmation email from SAP Concur to indicate a successful connection. Travelers can also confirm that they’re connected by logging into SAP Concur and visiting the United SAP Concur App Center Listing.

Travelers can also confirm that they’re connected by logging into Concur and visiting the United App Center Listing.

Traveler Communication Resources

When your travelers log into Concur Solutions, the Concur Company Notes are front and center, and a great way to communicate this important connection. You can modify this information and educate your travelers by following the instructions below:

Additional Resources

Booking United Airlines with Concur (Demo)

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to discuss how this works with a human. Who can I reach out to?+

United Contact: TripLinkHelp@united.com

Concur Contact: TripLink@concur.com

My Traveler received a connection confirmation, however they are not seeing the corporate checkbox when they log into United with their MileagePlus number.+

Please ask your traveler to clear their cookies, or to cache their browser.

When they log back into their United MileagePlus account on United.com, they should then see the corporate check box.

How can my traveler confirm that their Concur and United MileagePlus accounts are connected? +

They will either see the “Corporate booking” checkbox when they log into United.com with their MileagePlus account. Or, they can confirm their connection in the United App Center Listing in the Concur App Center.

Is it possible to turn off Basic Economy United Fares on United.com for TripLink or “Corporate travel” bookings?+

YES! Notify your United Airlines representative that you would like to turn “Basic Economy “on or off for Corporate travel bookings made on United.com.

Or, email, triplinkhelp@united.com with your request. In your request to turn “Basic Economy” on or off, please include your company name and contact your details.

What if my travelers need to make changes to their tickets?+

Changes happen! Please tell your traveler to change their ticket directly with United.

What if my TMC does not participate in TripLink, or accept TripLink data?+

Every TMC can have access to TripLink data at no charge. We encourage you to reach out to your TMC to discuss how they can support your TripLink bookings.

Our company uses International SOS (ISOS). How can I be sure that my United bookings are
available in ISOS?

ISOS has developed an integration with Concur specifically for TripLink clients to extract all TripLink bookings from Concur to populate ISOS’s Travel Tracker. To learn more about the integration, contact your ISOS account representative, or visit the ISOS App Center Listing for more information.

How do I manage unused documents booked on United.com?+

Travelers can manage their unused tickets and funds on United.com just as they do today. Additionally, itinerary status information is sent to Concur and displayed to the traveler. United is developing an unused document report available to TripLink customers upon request. Email TripLinkHelp@united.com for more information.

Does the integration work with Pass Plus and Perks Plus? +

Not today. The PassPlus and PerksPlus integration is expected in 2018.

What will my travelers see when they book a corporate trip on United.com?+

Once a traveler is connected and signs on to united.com with their MileagePlus number, United shows a checkbox in the booking path to show that it’s a Corporate booking. There is a limit of 1 adult per reservation, and the reservation will not allow for rewards travel. If the trip is for leisure, the traveler simply unchecks the box.

When the traveler makes a corporate booking, United will indicate that corporate rates have been applied.

The Review Trip page also shows that corporate rates were applied. United will not return an indicator that a corporate rate was applied if the rate code is invalid or if there are no corporate fares available in that market. United understands that not all customers will have rate codes

Can my traveler include ancillaries?+

Yes, the traveler can add a “bundle” to the trip. In this case Economy Plus Essentials and Economy Plus Enhanced are considered bundles.

On the Payment page the traveler can add insurance:

Neither the bundle nor the insurance would be included in the Total Fare. They are considered ancillaries and would be a separate charge to the traveler’s credit card.

Does United include information from the traveler’s Concur profile?+

United prepopulates the booking from the Concur travel profile, including traveler name, which the traveler cannot then change:

Mobile numbers are also prepopulated from Concur if available. If not, from the traveler’s MileagePlus profile.

If the user adds or changes a phone number on the Traveler page a note is displayed indicating that the changes will be made to their MileagePlus profile but not their Concur profile. United Pre-populates corporate email address from Concur but, the user can pick from any other email address he has in his MileagePlus profile:

Does the Traveler’s Form of Payment (FOP) sync between Concur and United?+

United does not get Form Of Payment (FOP) for the traveler at the time of account linkage. Rather, they get that only at the time of each subsequent login.

When the linked traveler logs in, United gets the FOP. They make Concur FOP available to the user only for the session and does not persist it. If United can’t get FOP (timeout, 503 error, etc.), then the forms of payment offered are those that are in the user’s MileagePlus profile and those supported on united.com.

If a card flagged as Mandatory, then the option to use electronic travel certificates is also disabled in the Payment Information interface on united.com and the user is required to use that card.

If there is no Mandatory form of payment from Concur, then the traveler can choose a card from their Concur or MileagePlus profile.

If United does not get an address on a card from Concur, the traveler is able to enter one, which is required for the booking to be processed on united.com.

Can travelers make car and hotel reservations on United.com?+

Travelers can also make car and hotel reservations on united.com. However, there is visual indication that those bookings will not be synced with Concur.

After the reservation is paid, the traveler sees that details will be synched with Concur:

When the purchase is complete there is a popup to purchase upgrades if applicable. If the traveler had a mandatory card in Concur that was used to purchase the flight, it will not be shown now in the dropdown to purchase the upgrade.

Travelers can also see which trips were sent to Concur after the fact:

Will I have the ability to see data-source in Prism reports?+

Yes, United has the ability to pull the Prism reports by data-source, savings as well as other detailed analysis.

Can my travelers book leisure trips using our negotiated rates?+

United developed several fences to discourage travelers from booking leisure trips when the corporate booking checkbox is checked. For example, they can only book for one individual and they cannot use rewards for travel. Since all corporate trips are sent to Concur, you will have complete visibility into all business trips booked on United.com.

My traveler received the following email from United Airlines. What does this mean?+

United Airlines is sending connection confirmation emails to TripLink travelers who have linked their Concur and MileagePlus accounts. The United email is in addition to the confirmation email that your travelers receive from Concur.