Get set up for success with Hertz TripLink

TripLink Initial Set Up

1. Update your TripLink Discount Code:

To ensure that your travelers are getting your corporate negotiated rate when they book on Hertz.com, you must enter your Hertz TripLink discount code in the Concur administration tool.

2. Update your travel policy for TripLink bookings:

Apply Concur travel policy notifications to bookings made directly on Hertz.com by travelers who have linked their Concur and Hertz Gold Plus Rewards accounts. Please refer to the Configuration section of the TripLink User Guide to learn more.

Notify Your Travelers

Travelers need to be “connected” so their bookings sync with Concur and so they get negotiated rates on Hertz.com. To get connected, a traveler needs to enter their Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number into their Concur Travel Profile and enroll in My Travel Network. Travelers will receive a confirmation email from Concur to indicate a successful connection. Travelers can also confirm that they’re connected by logging into Concur and visiting the Hertz App Center Listing.

If your travelers need a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards number, they can sign up for a Hertz Gold Plus Rewards account.

Traveler Communication Resources

When travelers connect, you have greater visibility. Use these communication resources to help your travelers connect!

1. Email Templates

2. Update Your Concur Company Notes Section

When your travelers log into Concur Solutions, the Concur Company Notes are front and center, and a great way to communicate this important connection. You can modify this information and educate your travelers by following the instructions below:

Additional Resources

Booking Hertz Rent a Car with Concur (Demo)

Integration Availability

  • Globally on www.Hertz.com using your desktop browser
  • Globally on www.Hertz.com using your mobile device's browser (responsive design)
  • Globally on Hertz iOS App
  • Globally on Hertz Android App

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my travelers need to make changes to their reservation?+

Changes happen! Please tell your traveler to change their booking directly with Hertz. These changes will then be visible within Concur.

Will our corporate travelers always have access to our negotiated rates?+

Yes, once the corporate discount code has been associated to the Hertz Gold Plus profile.