British Airways

Get set up for success with British Airways (BA) TripLink

TripLink Initial Set Up

1. Update your TripLink Discount Code:

To register for British Airways-Triplink access on, please complete this registration request form. You will be provided with your British Airways Discount Code(s), which you can then enter in the TripLink Discount Code field in Concur Admin.

2. Update your travel policy for TripLink bookings:

Apply Concur travel policy notifications to bookings made directly on by travelers who have linked their Concur and British Airways Executive Club accounts. Please refer to the Configuration section of the TripLink User Guide to learn more.

Notify Your Travelers

Travelers need to be “connected” so their bookings sync with Concur and so they get negotiated rates on To get connected, a traveler needs to enter their British Airways Executive Card number into their Concur Travel Profile and enroll in My Travel Network. Travelers will receive a confirmation email from Concur to indicate a successful connection. Travelers can also confirm that they’re connected by logging into Concur and visiting the British Airways App Center Listing.

Traveler Communication Resources

When travelers connect, you have greater visibility. Use these communication resources to help your travelers connect!

1. Email Templates

2. Update Your Concur Company Notes Section

When your travelers log into Concur Solutions, the Concur Company Notes are front and center, and a great way to communicate this important connection. You can modify this information and educate your travelers by following the instructions below:

Additional Resources

Booking British Airways with Concur (Demo)

Integration Availability

  • At present, we can support the vast majority of markets through TripLink on and using your mobile device’s browser. However, some markets may still be restricted for technical or commercial reasons.
  • Please contact British Airways Help Desk for details of availability in your market(s).

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my travelers need to make changes to their reservation?+

Changes happen! Please tell your traveler to change their booking directly on These changes will then be visible within Concur.

What does the booking experience look like?+

The booking experience will be very similar to the current user experience on Once travelers log in with their Executive Club credentials, a tab will be available for a Corporate Fare. Travelers can click on another tab to make a personal booking, but if they stay on the Corporate tab, and their employer has agreed, applicable corporate fares will be offered. If they complete a booking, more data will be shared by Concur to streamline checkout, and their final booking will be shared with Concur. SAP Concur will make it immediately visible in Concur Travel and in TripIt Pro, which is part of TripLink. Concur Expense customers will automatically receive an E-Receipt to streamline expense reporting.

Why doesn’t my traveler see the Corporate Fare tab when they login to with their
Executive Club number?

Important! Your traveler must delete their browser cache in order to see the, “Corporate Fare,” tab.

Is TripLink related to British Airway’s NDC offerings?+

TripLink and NDC are not related. However, and NDC have access to the same content. British Airways recently announced the introduction of additional price points for shorthaul, this content will only be available through direct channels and NDC. NDC is a separate booking channel designed to give British Airways the flexibility in merchandising through corporate Online Booking Tools (OBT), like Concur Travel, that it already enjoys on SAP Concur has announced that it will display British Airway’s NDC content in Concur Travel, although no corporate customer has asked to deploy NDC yet. Both channels are designed to give travelers more information and choice of British Airways services.

When and where is TripLink available?+

At present, we can support the vast majority of markets through TripLink. However, some may still be restricted for technical or commercial reasons. Please contact British Airways Help Desk for details of availability in your market(s).

Does the traveler have to be a British Airways Executive card holder to log into +

The traveler must connect their British Airways Executive Card number to their Concur profile. They must log into with their Executive Club account number in order to see the Corporate Booking tab on

My Concur configuration is not setup by country, it is setup by category (ex: business unit, employee level). How do I enter our company’s British Airways Discount Code(s) into the TripLink Discount Code Field in Concur Travel?+

Currently British Airways Discount Codes are provided by region, you should use the discount code that best represents the geographical location of the majority of the employees in the configuration e.g., UK or US. Only one account code can be applied per configuration.

The problem may arise when the Concur hierarchy is not consistent with actual physical location. For example, if a traveler in a Concur configuration, “Marketing Department” for example, wants to travel from the UK, i.e. UK POS, will pull the account code tied to that “Marketing Department” configuration, which could be US, UK, or even another country code.

Why am I getting the old website for the following itineraries?

LON > SYD, LON > ORD, LON > PFO are excluded routes on the new selling flow on, which supports the TripLink integration. Today, only the new website supports the TripLink integration.

For the routes from London to Sydney, Chicago and Cyprus, please ask travelers to book their trips in their online booking tool or through their TMC to get their corporate fare. If they book one of these routes on, they will not get their corporate rate, and they will need to forward their itinerary to