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Concur® TripLink Initial Set Up

1. Update your Concur TripLink Discount Code:

Corporate travel managers must enter a discount code into the TripLink Discount Code field in Concur to access negotiated rates on or mobile app.

If you do not have a corporate discount with American Airlines, you can skip this step. If you do not know your TripLink Discount Code or would like more information, please send an email to

2. Update your travel policy for Concur TripLink bookings:

For travelers who have linked their SAP Concur solutions and American accounts, travel managers can use SAP Concur to apply travel policy notifications to bookings made directly on or mobile apple. Please refer to the Configuration section of the TripLink User Guide to learn more.

Notify Your Travelers

In order to get negotiated rates on and mobile app while ensuring bookings sync with SAP Concur, travelers need to connect their SAP Concur and American Airlines AAdvantage® accounts. Travel Administrators can use the TripLink Admin Controls to set messaging preferences that inform travelers how to connect to travel partner integrations.

To connect accounts, travelers should first enter their American Airlines AAdvantage® number into their Concur Travel profile and then enroll in Concur’s Travel Partner Integrations. Travelers will receive a confirmation email from SAP Concur to indicate a successful connection. Travelers can also confirm that they’re connected by logging into Concur and visiting the American Airlines App Center listing.

Traveler Communication Resources

When your travelers log into Concur Solutions, the Concur Company Notes are front and center, and a great way to communicate this important connection. You can modify this information and educate your travelers by following the instructions below:

Additional Resources

Booking American Airlines with Concur (Demo)

Integration Availability

  • Available in the United States and Canada on desktop & mobile websites

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make changes to a TripLink booking?+

Travelers can make changes to their TripLink bookings directly on, the American Airlines Mobile App, or by calling American at 1 800 433 1790 and a Reservations Agent will be happy to assist.

Once my company has signed up, how do I (a traveler) get up and running?+

To get up and running, travelers can follow these steps:

  1. Start by ensuring your American Airlines AAdvantage® number is saved in your Concur Travel profile; travelers without an AAdvantage® number can register on
  2. Next, link your Concur and AAdvantage® accounts by verifying that you are enrolled in Concur’s Travel Partner Integrations or connect to American Airlines in the Concur App Center
  3. Once your two accounts are connected, you will receive a confirmation email from Concur with additional instructions

The next time that you log into with your AAdvantage® number, you should see a Corporate Booking option on the home page that is pre-selected. Leave this option selected when traveling for business or deselect it for personal travel. Keep in mind that when a TripLink user logs into, the default setting is for the Corporate Booking option to be selected.

Are travelers required to enroll in the American Airlines AAdvantage® program in order to book corporate travel on

Yes, corporate travelers must be enrolled in the AAdvantage program in order to receive corporate discounts on and sync booking data with Concur.

Why can’t I see the American booking I just made on in SAP Concur Travel, Concur Mobile, or
TripIt Pro?

American Airlines has roughly a ten-minute latency period between booking and ticketing for all flights booked on If you do not see your trip in SAP Concur, Concur Mobile or TripIt Pro in the next hour, please confirm that your trip was ticketed with American Airlines.

What if I received a connection confirmation email from Concur, but I do not see the Corporate Booking option when I log in to

Please clear your internet browser’s cookies and cache then restart your browser and try logging into again. If the problem persists, please contact

How does a traveler know a corporate discount is being applied on

Once logged into, the pre-selected Corporate Booking option is visible, indicating the traveler is starting down the corporate booking path. Subsequent pages include messaging indicating the traveler is booking a corporate itinerary, and shopping results indicate when a corporate rate is being applied. Finally, the booking confirmation page reminds the traveler that the booking will be synced with Concur.

What types of itineraries can corporate travelers book on

American supports simple and complex itineraries for TripLink bookings including: one-way, round-trip, open jaw, and codeshare.

Can a corporate booking be made using frequent flyer miles?+

Award travel is not currently supported as part of the American Airlines TripLink Program.

Can a Business Extra / On Business number be added to a TripLink booking?+

Yes, a customer may add a Business Extra / On Business number to a TripLink booking. The Business Extra Program is for corporate customers without a negotiated corporate discount with American. For more information, please send an email to or visit

Do TripLink bookings count towards corporate and/or TMC booking targets?+

Corporate bookings on count toward corporate booking targets only.

Will corporate booking data appear in PRISM?+

Yes, as long as a corporation has an eDRA in place for Concur, TripLink bookings will be included in PRISM reporting data.

Will TMCs be able to see and manage TripLink bookings?+

Upon request from a corporate customer, SAP Concur can make TripLink booking data available to an authorized TMC. Customers should ask their TMC about its ability to capture and support TripLink bookings. TMCs do not have the ability to make changes to TripLink bookings directly in a GDS or agency desktop. Changes can only be made by calling American Airlines Reservations at 1-800-433-7300 or visiting

I’m interested in joining the AA Business Extra Program, how can I get more information?+

If your company does not have a corporate program with American, consider joining Business Extra® — American’s complimentary business loyalty program.

  1. Business Extra can help your company get the most out of its travel budget.
  2. Earn 1 point for every $5 spent on flights
  3. Points can be redeemed for more than 60 rewards, including round-trip flights, Admirals Club® memberships and more
  4. No cost to enroll
  5. No minimum flight or spend commitments

As an added bonus, enroll your company by December 31, 2018 with code BXTL18 and have travelers fly within 90 days to get 650 bonus Business Extra points — that’s enough for a one-way upgrade. For more information and to enroll, please visit the American Airlines Business Extra web page.

What additional resources are available for Concur TripLink?+
Where can I ask questions and learn more about American Airlines TripLink?+

To learn more, please contact your American Airlines account manager or send an email to

Will my “waivers and favors” or "services funds" be accessible via AA Saleslink for name changes and
change fees for TripLink tickets?

Yes, AA is supporting waivers and favors for TripLink PNRs. Initially, the requests for waivers will need to be sent by the Corporate travel manager or agency to our support email

AA has future enhancements planned that will provide more self- servicing abilities for the traveler, corporate traveler and agency to process waivers using the AA SalesLink tool.