Concur Expense 使用者資源


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Concur Expense 快速入門指南 Guide: Concur Expense QuickStart Guide
更新費用設定檔 Tip Sheet: Updating Your Expense Profile
啟用費用助理 Tip Sheet: Enabling Expense Assistant
使用費用助理 Tip Sheet: Working with Expense Assistant
建立新的費用報告 Tip Sheet: Creating a New Expense Report
以代理人身分工作 Tip Sheet: Acting as a Delegate
以差旅為基礎建立報告 Tip Sheet: Creating an Expense Report Based on a Completed Trip
创建固定差旅补助费用报告 Tip Sheet: Creating an Expense Report with Fixed Travel Allowances
將小額費用新增至費用報告 Tip Sheet: Adding an Out-of-Pocket Expense to an Expense Report
將卡片交易新增至費用報告 Tip Sheet: Adding Card Transactions to an Expense Report
建立預借現金 Tip Sheet: Creating Cash Advances
將預借現金新增至費用報告 Tip Sheet: Adding Cash Advances
詳細列舉費用 Tip Sheet: Itemizing Expenses
詳細列舉夜宿費用 Tip Sheet: Itemizing Nightly Lodging Expenses
複製費用 Tip Sheet: Copying an Expense
分攤費用 Tip Sheet: Allocating Expenses
啟用電子收據 Tip Sheet: Activating E-Receipts
處理可用的收據 Tip Sheet: Working with Available Receipts
使用遺失收據切結書 Tip Sheet: Working with Missing Receipt Affidavits
將出席者新增至商務餐飲 Tip Sheet: Adding Attendees to a Business Expense
輸入自用車里程 Tip Sheet: Entering a Car Mileage Expense
轉換外幣交易 Tip Sheet: Converting Foreign Currency Transactions
列印並提交費用報告 Tip Sheet: Printing & Submitting an Expense Report
審查並核准費用報告 Tip Sheet: Reviewing and Approving an Expense Report
新增其他審查步驟 Tip Sheet: Adding an Additional Review Step
傳回費用報告 Tip Sheet: Sending Back an Expense Report
更正並重新提交費用報告 Tip Sheet: Correcting and Resubmitting an Expense Report
排解缺少交易問題 Tip Sheet: Troubleshooting Missing Transactions