Professional Deployment Toolkit

Travel: Configuration and Validation

During the Configuration and Validation phase, you will test and validate your system configuration. You will also train your staff on back office and configuration tools.

Review the information in the steps outlined below. Note that some items may not be relevant to your implementation.

Register for FREE instructor-led webinars and view recorded training sessions on the Customer Learning Series page. These webinars are focused on Administration and Configuration topics.

TripLink, TripIt Pro and Supplier Connections resources are located here

FAQ about CTE Messages within the Product

Back Office Tools Training

Topic Videos Guides
In-Product Messaging: Learn More (Shared)
Travel Rule Builder
Perfect Support Template
User Administration (Shared)
Travel Policy Admin Overview
Employee Import (Shared)
Import Data
Travel Service Guides
Travel System Admin - Import Hotel Discounts
Assistants - Self-Assigning (Shared)
BIN Restrictions
App Center Administrator (Shared)
Travel Policy Administrator - Travel Class Rules
Travel Reporting
Corporate Discounts - Managing
List Management
TripLink Training Resources
Self-Registration - Setting Up
Company Admin
File Transfer for Customers and Vendors (Shared)
Changing Travel and Expense Policies
Travel Request Processor
Perfect Support Case
Audit Rules
Import/Extract Monitor (Shared)
Travel Arranger - Self-Assigning
Corporate Ghost Card

Configuration Tools Training

Topic Videos Guides
App Center Administrator (Shared) guide
File Transfer for Customers and Vendors (Shared) guide
User Administration (Shared)
(7 min)
Audit Rules
Test User Administration (Shared)
(3 min)
Training Administration (Shared)
(5 min)