SAP Concur Global Learning Services

Professional Deployment Toolkit

Welcome to the Deployment Toolkit! In addition to Concur's implementation team, this toolkit is designed to provide you with additional resources that will lead you to a successful deployment.

To assist, this Implementation Description Guide - Professional Edition Overview will provide you with the scope of the implementation.

How to use this toolkit:

Using the top bar navigation above, choose the product your organization is implementing, and then select the appropriate phase of your implementation. You will find the resources you need for each phase of your deployment. Please review all of the information provided to ensure a successful completion.

Implementation Phases:

Getting Started – During this phase, you will provide information that is needed to get started with your configuration.

Analysis & Design – During this phase, you will review your setup requirements with Concur’s implementation team, establish project milestones, and become more familiar with the product.

Configuration & Validation – During this phase, you will test and validate your system configuration. You will also train your staff on back office and configuration tools.

Deployment & Transition – During this phase, you will communicate the benefits of Concur Travel & Expense to your organization, provide end-user training, and take control of your deployed solution.