Professional Deployment Toolkit

Invoice: Analysis and Design

During the Analysis and Design phase, you will review your setup requirements with Concur’s implementation team, establish project milestones, and become more familiar with the product. Use the simulations below to familiarize yourself and your project team with the product features.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself With Product Features

Technical Team

  • Specifications and Templates for Concur Invoice

    This zipped file contains specifications for Import and Extract data. You will also find Excel templates to assist with data mapping. Please download and review the contents of this file before your scheduled Knowledge Transfers meeting with your Implementation Consultant.

  • Supported Web Browser Configurations

    This document describes supported browsers, browser settings, available languages, and settings for Concur Travel & Expense and Concur Intelligence.

  • Logo Information

    Your organization logo can appear in the upper-left corner of all Concur Travel screens. If you would like your logo added, please provide an image file that meets the following specifications:

    • The file must be a .jpg, .gif, or .png file
    • The file must be under 100 kb in size
    • The image should be 55 pixels high and no more than 200 pixels in length

    Functional Team

Using Concur Invoice

Topic Videos Guides Tip Sheet
Concur Invoice QuickStart Guide
Manually Creating an Invoice from an Existing Vendor
Adding Distributions to an Invoice
Creating a Recurring Invoice
Assigning a New Invoice Owner
Assigning a Purchase Order to an Invoice
Reviewing and Approving an Invoice
Requesting a New Vendor
Creating a Purchase Request
Reviewing and Approving a Purchase Request
Entering a Goods Receipt