Using Concur Expense

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Concur Expense QuickStart Guide
Updating Your Expense Profile
Adding a Personal Charge Card
Enabling Expense Assistant
Working with Expense Assistant
Creating a New Expense Report
Acting as a Delegate
Creating an Expense Report Based on a Completed Trip
Creating an Expense Report with Fixed Travel Allowances (in the TA Service)
Adding an Out-of-Pocket Expense to an Expense Report
Adding Card Transactions to an Expense Report
Creating Cash Advances
Adding and Removing Cash Advances
Recalling & Deleting Cash Advances
Itemizing Expenses
Itemizing Nightly Lodging Expenses
Copying an Expense
Allocating Expenses
Activating E-Receipts
Working with Available Receipts
Working with Missing Receipt Affidavits
Creating an Attendee Group
Adding Attendees to a Business Expense
Entering Personal Car Mileage
Converting Foreign Currency Transactions
Deleting an Expense Report
Reviewing and Approving an Expense Report
Adding an Additional Review Step
Sending Back an Expense Report
Correcting and Resubmitting an Expense Report
Printing and Submitting an Expense Report
Troubleshooting Missing Transactions