Analytics and Analytics Essentials help you gain visibility that empowers you to make informed decisions and take action when needed. All this helps you avoid overspending and enables you to get every dime out of all those dollars. Check out the Next Generation of Analytics from SAP Concur video for some key examples of how Analytics can drive insights for your organization.

If you need to confirm which version of the product you’re using, sign into Concur Solutions and click the Analytics tab and then on the Analytics Home menu. If you see the User Content and Schedules tabs in the Home Menu you are using Analytics. If not, you are using Analytics Essentials.

Analytics Essentials

Use the links below to view videos or guides to learn more about Analytics Essentials.
Topic Videos Guides
Analytics Essentials Overview
Analytics Essentials - Video
Analytics Essentials - QuickStart Guide
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Use the links below to view videos or guides to learn more about Analytics.
Topic Videos Guides
Analytics Overview
Analytics - Ask the Experts Webinar Replay
Analytics - QuickStart Guide
Analytics - Learn More Guide
Analytics - End User FAQ
Analytics Dashboards & Reports Catalog