Working with Available Receipts

Available Receipts works with Concur Imaging Service to provide receipt images that the user can either email or upload images to, and then use to attach images at the line item expense entry level (only). Images in supported format are uploaded using a Concur-verified email address provided by the user during signup, and these images are then available to that user (only) for the purpose of attaching to report expense entries.

To attach a receipt image to an expense entry using Available Receipts:

  1. Select an entry to open it in Detail view.
  2. Click Receipts > View Available Receipts.
  3. Either:
    • Click the left-pointing arrow icon on the desired image
    • Drag the image directly over the expense entry
  4. The receipt image is attached to the expense entry - confirm by noting that the receipt required icon has changed to receipt received, or click the Receipt Image tab of the entry to view the thumbnail image.

Delegates and Available Receipts

The delegate cannot set up an email account when they are delegating, nor can they use the verified email account they have set up for their own expense reports to populate another user's Available Receipts Gallery. However, the delegate can upload receipt images to Concur for attachment to the line item of the user's report they are acting on.