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General questions

Why is Concur Expense being updated?
In our effort to constantly improve your experience, we have made some major changes to Concur Expense. Our goal for this update is to improve usability, reduce time on task and increase accessibility. To improve usability, we made the experience more modern and consistent. This will make completing an expense claim more straightforward and intuitive. To reduce time on task, we've automated as much as possible and streamlined the entire process. Finally, with these improvements, Concur Expense will be accessible to all users – regardless of physical or cognitive ability.

Where will I see these changes?
Updates have been made throughout the entire Concur Expense experience. You will see the most significant improvements when viewing expense details, itemising an expense and adding attendees to an expense.

What if I need help with the new Concur Expense experience?
Our hope is that the transition to the new experience is seamless enough that training isn’t required. We've prepared this user welcome page to provide more information about what's changed and why.

Concur Expense landing page
How do I view past expense claims?
In the new Concur Expense, active claims appear by default, but you can easily view past claims. From the View dropdown list, select one of the predefined options or define a custom date range.

Where can I find the expense source information?
We have simplified the source information you need to complete an expense claim. Now, receipt information is available in the Receipt column and card information can be found in the Payment Type column, which makes it easy to see which expenses are still waiting for more information. The rest of the source information that used to appear as icons is now available by clicking on a line item.

Expense claim
When I submit a claim, why are multiple claim totals displayed?
There are a variety of ways expenses can be paid for and reimbursed. For example, your company can reimburse you, pay your corporate card bill or collect payment from you for non-reimbursable expenses. When you submit an expense claim, Concur Expense shows totals that cover all of these scenarios.

Expense detail

How do I delete an expense from an expense claim?
You are now able to delete individual expenses from an expense claim as well as delete multiple expenses at once. When deleted, sources that came through the Available Expense section will be sent back where they can be deleted if allowed by your policy.

How do I add multiple receipts (or multiple images of a single receipt) to a single expense?
Once the first image is uploaded, click Append at the bottom of the receipt image area and add the next image.

How do I know if I need to itemise an expense?
Once an expense is saved, you will see an alert in the expense view (or in the expense claim view) if your company requires itemisation for that expense.

How can I tell whether I have already added itemisations?
To see if an expense has been itemised, open the expense and click the Itemisation tab.

How do I add attendees to an expense?
To add attendees, click into the expense, and then click Attendees at the top left under Details. How will I know that I need to add attendees to an expense?
Once you save an expense, you will see an alert in the expense view (or in the expense claim view) if your company requires attendees for that expense. Your company setup may be configured to show this alert only after you submit an expense claim.