Concur Locate Admin Resource Toolkit

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Concur Locate helps you fulfill your duty of care responsibilities by allowing instant communication between you and your employees. In an unpredictable world with information overload, it’s important that you have a direct way to contact your employees should they ever need assistance.

The content on this page will help you learn more about, set up, and drive adoption for Concur Locate.

Additionally, we have a dedicated End-User Resource Toolkit (i.e. resources for employees, travelers, students, etc.). This page will educate your users about Concur Safety Features* and walk them through the steps they need to take to get started.

*Because this is a white-labeled product, we refer to Concur Locate as Concur Safety Features in user-facing content to better accommodate your company's branding.

Get Started with Concur Locate

Explore our library of guides and videos to learn how to use this product and ensure you're set up for success.

Concur Locate QuickStart Guide
Concur Locate User Guide
Working with Alerts
Searching for an Individual Location
Checking Traveler Status

Drive User Adoption of Concur Locate

Once the product is set up, use the content below to drive user adoption.

Email Template: Introduce Concur’s safety features to employees
Email Template: Follow up with your employees about Concur Locate
Email Template: Exec Sponsored email to employees
Digital Sign: How to Opt-In to Concur’s safety features
Digital Sign: Ways to respond to Concur’s safety features

Get Started with Risk Messaging

If you’re still using Risk Messaging, please refer to the resources below.

Risk Messaging User Guide
Working with Risk Messaging
Logging into the Risk Messaging Portal
Using Administration and Share
Using Communicate
Using MapCast
Using Policy Manager, Destination Services, and Keywords
Using Security Advisor
Riskline - Travel Risk Management Web-based Portal