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Expense Assistant FAQ

Hashing and Employee Imports FAQ moved to Employee Import Specification

Uber Receipts

Air Comparison Fare:

Air Comparison Fare

Company Cards:

Company Card Deployment Strategies: Effective Date vs Transaction Release Period

Lodge Accounts
(See also Expense: Lodge Card Setup Guide)

"Rich Data" Company Card Transactions as Receipts

Expense Pay:

Abort Payment Process (Flex)

Zengin Pay File Extract (Flex)

Employee Banking Only


Xe Exchange Rate Feed

US/GSA Travel Allowance Rate Service

JPT on NextGen UI:

Frequently Asked Questions - Client
Japan Public Transport (JPT) on NextGen UI

Frequently Asked Questions for Migrating to Japan Public Transport (JPT) on NextGen UI - Client

Japan Public Transport on NextGen UI


Integration and Matching Scenarios

Smart Matching (Data sources into Expense entry)


Japan e-Bunsho Timestamp Feature Fact Sheet (refer to the Concur Invoice: Image Handling - Upload and Emailed Images Setup Guide)

VAT Fact Sheet (refer to the Concur Invoice: Value Added Tax (VAT) Setup Guide)



SAP Enable Now User Assistance for Concur

Ongoing: Preferred Name and Nonbinary Gender Options Fact Sheet

SAP Concur Fiori Themes

User Assistance for Admins and End Users

Personalized Concur Open

Cookie Preferences and User Consent

Co-browse (Screen Share) for SAP Concur Support

Using FTP for Cognos Reports Delivery

Using the Translation Suggestion Tool

End-User Feedback Survey