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Most frequently used Expense data model relationships

Most frequently used Invoice data model relationships

Most frequently used Travel data model relationships

Join points between the different datasets

Overview Revised Format
Overview Feb 9 2019 DOC - PDF
Best Practices - Expense Configuration for Analysis/Intelligence Aug 18 2018 DOC - PDF
Default Reports
Default Reports - Summary guide, brief descriptions Nov 11 2023 DOC - PDF
Samples of Reports by Folder - Catalog, full descriptions, sample prompts, sample output Oct 14 2023 **FULL BOOK-PDF** 
Other User Guides
Actionable Analytics (Intelligence/Premium) Oct 4 2018 DOC - PDF
Bursting (Intelligence/Premium) Jun 10 2020 DOC - PDF
Dashboard Metrics (Intelligence/Premium) Apr 26 2010 DOC - PDF
Supplier Service (Intelligence/Premium) Aug 14 2015 DOC - PDF
Data Model
Data Model - Expense Folder Nov 11 2023 DOC - PDF
Data Model - Invoice Folder Apr 13 2019 DOC - PDF
Data Model - Travel Folder Dec 7 2019 DOC - PDF
Data Model - Budget Folder Dec 9 2016 DOC - PDF
Data Model - Meetings Folder Oct 14 2017 DOC - PDF
Data Model - Configuration Folder Jan 12 2019 DOC - PDF


Official IBM Documentation - All Rights Granted to Print and Distribute
IBM Cognos Active Report Cookbook A description of the various features available within IBM Cognos Active Report and how they can be used to create and distribute interactive reporting applications.
Cognos Report Studio: Active Reports IBM Cognos Active Report is a report output type that provides a highly interactive and easy-to-use managed report.


Miscellaneous Documentation    
Localization for Analysis/Intelligence Fact Sheet Jul 18 2018 PDF
Using FTP for Cognos Reports Delivery May 2 2023 PDF