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Welcome to the ConcurGov Training Site! To learn the basics of booking travel, creating authorizations, and creating vouchers, review the quickstart user manuals, recorded training sessions, and interactive simulations listed below. Each interactive simulation takes about 5 - 10 minutes to complete and will help get you up and running quickly.

Recorded Video for New Users

Receipt Requirement

Employees must upload receipts for the following expenditures to ConcurGov.

Temporary Duty Travel

  • Lodging, rental car, registration fees, shipping fees - any amount
  • Air/rail tickets (if purchased directly by traveler) - any amount
  • All other expenditures - over $75.00

Local Travel

Miscellaneous Voucher

  • Supplies or services not pertaining to travel, e.g., office supplies, training, professional liability insurance, etc. - any amount
  • Creating a Miscellaneous Voucher

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Interactive Simulations



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Basic Functionality Instructions

Instructions for Superusers/Approvers/Arrangers:

QuickStart User Manuals*

*Not all features mentioned in the manuals are enabled for the GSA configuration.

CGE Reporting (For Superusers Only)