Country Best Practices

Deployment Considerations

The following guides include considerations for companies intending to deploy Concur Expense in the EMEA, Americas and/or Asia Pacific regions.

The information provided is based on consolidated experiences deploying and supporting customers in the countries referenced, with the intention to share common best practices and interpretations. The aim is to provide country considerations for reference as a starting point as companies prepare to gather requirements from local markets as part of their implementation roll-out.

Each guide contains primary considerations for your deployment, separated into the following categories for each country:

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Asia Pacific

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Deployment considerations for 36 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa Deployment considerations for 12 countries across North, Central and South America Deployment considerations for 16 countries across Asia Pacific

NOTE: These guides are not an official representation of compliance or statutory legislation. Customers should always defer to their own internal compliance experts. Please refer to the Disclaimer section below for more information.

Country Configuration Guides

The SAP Concur Professional Edition Global Template consists of configurations designed to support the most commonly known configuration and statutory requirements for supporting T&E best practices. The system includes support for specific statutory requirements based on our understanding of “common interpretation” gathered from our experience of in-country legislation through the deployment of Concur Expense into certain markets. The Country Template represented in country guides is intended to provide customers with a starting point to aid in the deployment of their T&E solution and should in no way be construed as tax or compliance advice for your business. The template configuration may need to be adjusted to match the requirements of your business, and any legal or statutory requirements should be confirmed with your company’s tax accounting and/or compliance departments before being authorized for configuration into your Concur Expense system.

For more information on the Global Template and to access the country-specific information please visit the following URL: Country-Specific Information


The information included in these guides is based on consolidated experiences deploying and supporting customers in the countries referenced. The intention is to provide considerations for companies to reference as a starting point as they prepare the process of gathering requirements from local markets as part of their implementation roll-out. The information may help facilitate discussions which relate to country-specific topics where these are deemed relevant for companies. This is not intended to represent “everything you need to know”, as items may be missing, and information is not guaranteed to be up to date given the fluctuating nature at which country-specific regulations or guidelines can change.

The guide includes supplementary information, based on experiences, for countries with template configurations in the SAP Concur Professional Edition Global Template. The template typically supports those countries where SAP Concur has a history of implementation where common best practices can be applied.

IMPORTANT – information included in the guides is intended to be independent of the SAP Concur product edition being implemented by the customer. It is important to note however that some requirements detailed may only be supported on the Professional product edition. For customers implementing Universal Edition, where a requirement is relevant for your deployment please discuss the availability of this functionality with your SAP Concur Implementation Consultant