Step-by-Step Certification

Step-by-Step Certification Process

The first step to prepare for your selected exam, is to reference the corresponding certification page:

Each page is an excellent resource, listing numerous guides and online documentation which will help to strengthen or build your level of expertise.

For a successful outcome, it is important that you prepare in advance, as no materials may be used during the exam. We also recommend that you have attended training or have equivalent hands-on experience and can successfully perform the tasks outlined in the exam objectives.

Please be aware that Certification and Training are two separate options. For information about the types of training available, please go to Open Enrollment Classes.

Purchase and Register for an Exam

To purchase an exam, please fill out the Registration Form and send to We will start the purchase process for you, and once we receive the signed purchase agreement from your company and our internal purchase process is completed, the certification administrator will reply with instructions on how to register and take the exam.

The cost for the Associate exam is $500 and the Professional exam is $750. Payment is required for each individual exam attempt.

You must be a current SAP Concur customer to purchase an exam - payments are made through the company. If you are an employed by an SAP Concur Service Partner, please visit Service Partners for more information about their Certification program.

*Certification is available for current SAP Concur customers only, it is not available to 3rd party consultant
 companies or individuals.

*Personal payments, such as Pcards, are not accepted at this time.

About the Exams

SAP Concur certification exams are offered as remote online proctored sessions (recorded and reviewed). There is no need to schedule an exam ahead of time, simply launch the exam when you are ready to take it.

The following equipment is required to take an exam:

  • A PC or a Mac computer/laptop (tablets cannot be used due to limited input/output abilities)
  • A webcam, either external or the one built into your computer
  • An internet connection

Note: The exam session is recorded and reviewed to confirm all testing rules are adhered to.​

Day of the Exam

After registering for your exam, you will be required to present a valid form of identification (i.e. not expired) before the exam is released. The ID must have your name and signature, and it will be recorded before your exam begins.

Valid forms of identification include the following:

  • Signed government-issued passport *
  • Signed government-issued photocard driving license

* A passport without a signature can be accepted as a primary form of ID if it is determined to be valid and there is no designated place for a signature (e.g. biometric passport). When presenting a biometric passport with no signature, candidates are required to present a secondary form of identification with their full name and signature (e.g. a debit or credit card).

Testing Environment

There are strict rules concerning the environment in which you may take your exam. You will need to use the webcam to show that the room you are in is an appropriate testing environment exam room. An appropriate testing environment means:

  • You are alone in the room and will not be disturbed during the exam
  • The table or desk is clear of all materials
  • The room is quiet
  • Your cellphone is switched off and stowed out of sight
  • Desk phones are disconnected or blocked for incoming calls

Exam Rules
During the exam you must adhere to the following rules:

  • No breaks are allowed during exam
  • Must be present and alone in the room until the exam is completed
  • Once the exam begins you cannot leave the room
  • No talking on your phone
  • No books or printed materials are allowed
  • Only the exam browser / window / tab can be open on your computer

You will have one attempt to access and take the exam, and it must be completed in the specified duration. If you access and then close out of the exam before it is completed, it will be counted as your one attempt.

Note: If exam rules are not adhered to, certification will not be granted.

After Your Exam

You will be notified of your score immediately after completing your exam. An on-screen message will display your exam score and if you have tentatively passed or failed.
If you pass, the proctoring service will review the video of your exam to verify that all testing rules were followed. This validation process will take approximately 2 weeks. Once validated and your score confirmed, a certificate will be emailed to you if you passed the exam.
If you did not pass, you are allowed up to two more retakes for a total of three tries. Please note that payment is required with each exam retake, and the registration process must be repeated. After three failed attempts, you must wait until the next version of the exam is available to try again. 

Next Steps - Receiving Access

Congratulations on becoming SAP Concur Certified!
Most of you currently have access to your company production site. However, if your company is new to the SAP Concur Expense platform, it must be in production for a minimum of 30 days before your access is granted. If you do not have access, an Authorized Contact from your company must request (in writing) that the unrestricted permission is added for you.
If you move to a new company, an Authorized Contact from this company must request (in writing) that the unrestricted permission is added for you. This request must be sent to In this request, the Authorized Contact must include the following information:
  • Confirm you are an employee of the company.
  • Include your company email address (address must include the company name).
  • Include your Certification ID Number (found on your certificate).
  • Validate that implementation is complete and the company has been in production for a minimum of 30 days. Access will not be granted until this minimum is met.
  • Confirm you have been added to the company’s site.