Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive the certification OR does my company? YOU are certified, NOT the
company you work for.

What are the benefits of receiving an SAP Concur Certification?

  • Unrestricted expense configuration access upon company's request (Professional Certification)
  • Certification will travel with you throughout your career
  • Ability to configure changes without going through Customer Support
  • Confirms your comprehensive knowledge of our Expense Configuration platform
  • Supports your career development endeavors by enhancing your skill set

Who can become SAP Concur Certified? Only current SAP Concur customers can become certified. Their company's current billing process is used to pay for exams.
*Please note that Certification is available for current SAP Concur customers only, it is not available to 3rd party consultant companies or individuals.

Which product is SAP Concur Certification available for? Currently, certification is available only for the Concur Expense Professional platform.

Which languages are the certification exams available in? Currently, exams are available only in English.

What certification levels are available? There are 2 levels available:

  • SAP Concur Certified Associate – Expense Administrator. The Expense Administrator exam is for those who are beginning to build their expertise and want to increase their skills in administration for Concur expense sites.
  • SAP Concur Certified Professional – Expense Configuration. For those with deep knowledge and hands-on experience with SAP Concur applications, who want to increase their skills to configure Concur expense sites.
How do I purchase and register for an exam? To purchase an exam, you will need to send a request email to and the Certification Administrator will begin the process for you. The certification process will use your company’s current billing process to pay for the exam.

You will be sent your exam registration information (username & password) as soon as the signed Sales Order Form contract is received and the purchase process is completed.

What is the cost for each exam? The cost for an Associate exam is $500 (per attempt) and the cost for the Professional exam is $750 (per attempt).

Is the exam based on the configuration my company uses? No. The exam is all-inclusive and covers every aspect of configuration – NOT just what your company utilizes. Your company may have purchased customized configuration, which might not utilize configuration in its entirety.

Do I need to attend the corresponding Expense Admin (Back Office Tools Training) or Advanced Configuration class in order to take the exams? No, but it is recommended. All information needed to pass an exam is taught in the corresponding training class.  

Is the Certification exam and becoming ‘SAP Concur Certified’ part of the training class? No. Training and Certification are two separate things - you will need to purchase/register for the Certification exam separately. While we don’t require clients to purchase training before taking the exam, it is recommended.

Are the recommended trainings stand-alone OR is the Expense Administration training a prerequisite for the Advanced Configuration training? Training classes are stand-alone.
It is not required to take Expense Administration training before Advanced Configuration training.

What should I do to prepare for an exam? Go to the Available Certifications page and click on the name of the exam you are interested in taking. Here you will see a list of helpful guides and videos to study from. We also recommend that you have had the following:

  • Attended either the Advanced Configuration Training course (Configuration exam) or view the Free Back Office Training courses (Admin exam).
  • Equivalent hands-on experience and can successfully perform the tasks outlined in the exam objectives.

Where is the exam taken? The Certification exam is on-demand and remotely proctored. This allows you to test online – anywhere and anytime! When you are ready to take the exam, you will go to RPNow (remote proctoring service) to begin the process.

Is RPNow an SAP Concur service? No. It is a company that we have hired to proctor the exam.

How does the RPNow exam process work? To begin the test, you will download and install the RPNow software (a special web browser) so it can record video and can access your microphone and keystrokes. This is done to monitor and make sure you are compliant with all rules. After the test, SAP Concur will receive a report from RPNow that includes notes from the proctor and a copy of the video from your computer (for review if necessary).

What type of equipment do I need to take the exam? The following equipment is required:

  • A PC or a Mac
  • A webcam - either external or built into your computer
  • An internet connection

How many questions are on an exam? There are 60 questions on an exam.

How much time is allowed to take an exam? You will have 90 minutes to complete an exam.

What is the passing score for an exam? You must correctly answer at least 60% of the questions.

What type of questions are on an exam? The following types of questions are on an exam:

  • Multiple Choice question with a single correct answer
  • Multiple Choice question in which you are required to choose 2 or 3 correct answers
  • Multiple Choice question in which you are required to choose the BEST answer out of the available options
  • Sequencing question

When will I receive my test results?  Immediately after completing your exam, an on-screen message will display your exam score and if you have provisionally passed or failed.
SAP Concur will then review the RPNow report/video to verify that you have followed all exam rules and to officially confirm you have passed your exam. Once confirmed, you will receive your Certification certificate. The confirmation process takes approximately 2 weeks. 

If I do not pass my exam, how many times can I retake it? If you do not pass the exam, you are allowed up to 2 retakes for a total of 3 tries. Payment is required for each exam attempt, and the registration process must be repeated. After three failed attempts, you must wait until the next version of the exam becomes available to try again.

If I pass the Professional exam and receive the SAP Concur Certification, will I automatically receive corresponding configuration access for my company or future companies? No. Once you have passed the exam and are SAP Concur Certified, the company you are working for will need to request (in writing) that the permission/access is added for you. We will then verify that you are SAP Concur Certified, for which exam you are certified (Associate exam or Professional exam), and assign you the correct permission/access.

When I leave the company that paid for my Professional Expense certification, will the company have to re-certify someone else? Yes. The permission is assigned to your user account and cannot be transferred to another user.

When I leave the company that paid for my Professional Expense certification, will the unrestricted configuration capabilities be removed for that company? Yes. The permission is assigned to your account. The username is your SAP Concur verified email address (which includes your current company name - The account will be deactivated when you leave the company.

If I am certified and start working at a new company, can I automatically configure for them because I am Professional Expense certified? No. We do not know if the new company wants you to have access. After the company requests (in writing) the permission is added for you, we will verify that you are certified and then give you the correct permission.
Note: Certification only grants access to a site once it is configured and has been in production for a minimum of 30 days.

Who can I contact if I have additional questions? Please email the Certifications Team at​