SAP Certified Administrator Associate - Concur Professional Expense

The SAP Certified Administrator Associate - Concur Professional Expense exam is for individuals who want to prove their knowledge and skills for the administration and basic configuration of SAP Concur Professional Expense sites. It covers ALL tasks that can be performed with restricted permission.

​Here are just a few of the exciting benefits our Associate Certification offers:

  • Certification will travel with you throughout your career
  • Ability to configure basic changes without going through Customer Support
  • Confirms your knowledge and skills to perform basic configuration and basic system maintenance to your company’s Expense site (Expense Professional edition)
  • Supports your career development endeavors by enhancing your skill set

This exam is meant for Expense system administrators who are responsible for basic configuration and the day-to-day system maintenance. For example, managing user profiles and permissions, managing the reimbursement process, etc.

IMPORTANT: This certification is not applicable to SAP Concur Partner resources; partner resources should use the SAP Concur Partner Certification Program site to begin certification.


  • Price: $500 USD
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 60%

How to Prepare

The following are recommended to help you prepare for the exam and increase the likelihood of passing:

  • Hands-on experience
  • Studying relevant materials
  • Taking the corresponding training courses and viewing the Exam Prep webinar (see below)
  • Understanding the types of questions that may be included in the exam:
    • Multiple Choice questions with a single correct answer
    • Multiple Choice questions in which you choose 2 or 3 correct answers
    • Multiple Choice questions in which you choose the BEST answer out of the available options
    • Sequencing questions
    • Matching questions

Recommended Training

We have replaced the previous Open Enrollment training option with the below free recordings. Click Play to view each recording.

Managing Users Play
Implementing Company Policies Play
Managing the Reimbursement Process Play
Managing Basic Site Settings Play
Client Admin Training Series webinar for Expense Administrator Exam Prep (see Note) Play

Please Note: During this recorded session the presenter states that the certification exam does not cover imports and extracts. This is a misstatement; the exam contains questions related to the Employee Import process.

Skills Tested

The Certification exam is comprised of the following four sections:

Managing Users (30% - 35%)

  • Create user accounts
  • Manage user accounts
  • Manage access to the reporting tools
  • Manage test users and test data
  • Manage company credit cards
  • Configure delegates

Study Resources:

Managing the Reimbursement Process (30% - 35%)

  • Process expense reports
  • Monitor reimbursement batches
  • Monitor Payees
  • Configure batches
  • Manage cash advances
  • Modify basic workflows

Study Resources:

Implementing Company Policies (30% - 35%)

  • Modify travel allowance and statutory requirements
  • Manage account codes
  • Manage custom lists
  • Monitor Import/Extract jobs
  • Manage attendees
  • Configure audit rules and exceptions
  • Configure mileage reimbursement
  • Configure email reminders
  • Manage basic site settings
  • Configure receipt requirements

Study Resources: