Welcome to the New Concur Expense Experience


Concur Expense just got a whole lot easier.

With the updated expense reporting experience, your users will be able to complete reports in a more intuitive, integrated, and efficient way. We understand that change isn't always easy. We anticipate that Concur Expense users will have questions about this update. On this page, you’ll find resources to help you make the transition to NextGen Expense and to educate your users on the new experience.

User interface FAQ

Do you have questions about the new user interface? This FAQ will provide you with answers, as well as help you answer UI questions your users might have.

User welcome page

The new experience should be intuitive for your users. But, if they would like more information on what we've changed - and some insight into why we've made changes - you can direct them to the NextGen Expense user welcome page. Click Learn More to access links.

Resources for Concur administrators

If you are looking for comprehensive documentation of what's new in NextGen Expense, you can find all the details in our technical transition guide documents. These transition guides walk through what we've updated with the new UI, for Concur administrators and for users.


How to ask questions and report issues about NextGen Expense