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Expense Assistant FAQ

Hashing and Employee Imports FAQ

Uber Receipts

Budget FAQ

Air Comparison Fare:

Air Comparison Fare

Company Cards:

Company Card Deployment Strategies: Effective Date vs Transaction Release Period

Diversion Accounts

Lodge Accounts
(See also Expense: Lodge Card Setup Guide)

"Rich Data" Company Card Transactions as Receipts

Expense Pay:

Abort Payment Process (Flex)

Zengin Pay File Extract (Flex)

Employee Banking Only


Oanda Exchange Rate Feed

US/GSA Travel Allowance Rate Service

JPT on NextGen UI:

Frequently Asked Questions - Client
Japan Public Transport (JPT) on NextGen UI

Frequently Asked Questions for Migrating to Japan Public Transport (JPT) on NextGen UI - Client

Japan Public Transport on NextGen UI


Integration and Matching Scenarios


Textractor for Invoice Capture FAQ

Japan e-Bunsho Timestamp Feature Fact Sheet (refer to the Concur Invoice: Image Handling - Upload and Emailed Images Setup Guide)

VAT Fact Sheet (refer to the Concur Invoice: Value Added Tax (VAT) Setup Guide)

Budget FAQ


SAP Enable Now User Assistance for Concur

Ongoing: Preferred Name and Nonbinary Gender Options Fact Sheet

SAP Concur Fiori Themes

User Assistance for Admins and End Users

TLS v.1.1 End of Support FAQ

Personalized Concur Open

Cookie Preferences and User Consent

Co-browse (Screen Share) for SAP Concur Support

Online Schedule for SAP Concur Support

Using FTP for Cognos Reports Delivery

Using the Translation Suggestion Tool

End-User Feedback Survey