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Document Revised Format
Guides & FAQ
Admin Guide Jan 29 2021 DOC  -or-  PDF
FAQ (current) PDF
End User Guide Aug 17 2020 DOC  -or-  PDF
Quick Reference (current) PDF
Japan Public Transport Fact Sheet not currently available  
Japan Public Transport FAQ not currently available  
Features not yet available** Jan 8 2021 DOC  -or-  PDF
Release Information
Opt-In Period Release Information (current) htm
NextGen Release Notes (current) htm
Am I ready for the NextGen UI for Concur Expense? May 21 2020 XLSX
Admin Resource Center
Visit the Resource Center for additional additional information, tools, email templates, etc. to help with the transition to the NextGen UI for Concur Expense UI.
Training materials are also available.
Concur Request
Also using Concur Request? Visit the NextGen UI for Concur Request page for NextGen UI guides and resources.

**These features are currently only available in the existing UI; they will be added to NextGen UI for Concur Expense in later releases.